December 2014

The Sidecar Cancellation Fee Scam

I love Sidecar, I think it's a great app and a great alternative to Lyft and Uber. Unfortunately unscrupulous drivers seem to be taking advantage of the fact that the Sidecar charges $5 to you and gives it to the driver if you cancel and they are less than 5 estimated minutes away from you. I experienced this recently and I've found others online who document it.

A Review Of The Lumo Lift Posture Monitor


One of my friends spotted the little metal square on my shoulder recently and asked “is that a Lumo? I returned mine.” Turns out it didn’t do what he had hoped it would, which was to provide constant feedback on his posture and correct it in every situation. It is not smart enough to do that.

Bug Report: Next Restaurant And Their Ticketing System

My first experiences with the upper echelons of fine dining involved looking in through brightly lit windows at the feast inside. Whether it was through reading about them or the times I literally peered in the windows at the now closed Lux on the tiny island on Lilla Essingen in Stockholm in the the far northern twilight. Or at Stone Barns in New York for a conference, watching the cooks at Blue Hill turn the farm’s produce into pretty little dishes. It was a magical world that I wanted to inhabit.