WTF Files: Gluten, essential food

Apparently if you give up gluten without actually being celiac you'll get fat and have headaches. Well, at least according to idiotic dietitian (two words that go together often) Tanya Thomas. I can't believe newspapers give industry shills a platform for their nonsense, but it's almost hilarious given the stupidity of the arguments.

Fresh Week: Fresh Diet to Heal Intestinal Permeability Issues

Some people wondered about the chemical-free part of Sarah's diet. Of course all foods are made up of chemicals, but Sarah means added isolated chemicals. Her recipes featured flavors from fresh herbs and fruit rather than from dried spices or oils.

Children and Food Allergies

IGe tests aren't very accurate, apparently. But I wonder if the presence of "benign" antibodies is really so benign. Maybe it means that the gut permeability is too high. Either way, I probably wouldn't feed my children peanut butter. I love love love peanut butter and it's one of the non-paleo foods I truly miss, but peanut production is rife with mold problems from farm to fork and peanut butter is very high probably rancid PUFAS.

Is your food intolerance a "fad"?

 An article in the Telegraph says that we are in the midst of an epidemic of fake faddish food allergies