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The Future of Seafood

Last year I paid a visit to Miya's Sushi, in New Haven, a restaurant that tries* to be sustainable

The meat in your milk II: are these cows your children?

 Some people sent Nicholas Kristof's latest editorial to me, a seemingly feel-good story about "happy cows." Maybe it's vestiges of my old veganism, but the whole story made me uncomfortable. It brought up some things I wrote about in my recent post The Meat in Your Milk.

They don't get it

 Today I got a spate of seemingly random animal rights trolls. Fly by night nonsense? Nope, apparently I was featured on the Freakonomics blog. Normally this would be an honor, since I was a fan of Freakonomics when I was an economics major in college, but nope, they let James McWilliams write another animal rights nonsense piece on their blog, one that references a post I made over a year ago. What does that have to do with economics?

Produce Delusion Part 2: Plant Fetishists

 After reading James McWilliam's idiotic piece on backyard slaughter, I found myself immersed in reading more about Oakland's effort to allow backyard slaughter. For those of us who are thinking in the long run, towards an economy with greater scarcity of natural resources, being able to have food independence is truly important. True food independence involves both plants and animals.

More shots fired in the animal rights-locavore cold war

 I've written before about the animal rights-locavore cold war. In some people's eyes, they are two types of liberal food movements, but the truth is that the locavore movement has its true roots in conservatism, as exemplified by the agrarian pillars of the movement such as Wendell Berry and Joel Salatin. Animal rights is just plain radical modernism, a pathology of alienation from nature.

The Animals We Eat: What's really important?

 The Elephant or the Hungry? 

Great blog post by a local farmer. Some of you may have heard about GoDaddy CEO's canned elephant hunt. On one hand the dude is clearly an asshole (with company whose web interface sucks) and elephants are very intelligent. On the other hand this is a single elephant. How many companies have policies that destroy the environment for millions of animals? Where is the outrage for that? 

Should there be a Vegan/Omnivore Alliance against Animal Factories?

 Tom Phillpott proposes an omnivore/vegan alliance against animal factories. I think a lot of vegans who believe in animal rights would reject that. And I'm going to be the rare sustainable farming advocate omnivore to reject it. 

First of all...what is an animal factory and what makes them bad? Is is bad management or is all mass production of meat inherently bad? 


Do you have a paleo or real food blog? Ever noticed how exciting it is when your favorite blog gets attacked by trolls? Jealous that your blog doesn't get that kind of exciting attention? Fret no more, because I have an offer that will spice up your blog forever. 

The Locavore-Animal Rights Cold War

People often ask me why I'm still so rankled by veganism despite having given it up long ago. Unfortunately it's not veganism that gets me fired up, but more troubling political issues at the animal rights heart of the vegan movement. Not long after I stopped being vegan,  I got involved with agriculture. I saw the makings of a cold war between the locavores and the animal rights groups and became troubled by it. Animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA pull in substantial amounts of donations and therefore exert some political clout.

Taurine II, Denise interview

Isn't ironic that the very same animal rights vegans who say it's arrogant to view humans as special engage in some very human ignorance of their own? Yes, I'm talking the assertion that the vegan diet can be just as healthy as an omnivorous one. But the truth is that nutrition science is young and there is SO MUCH we don't know. A good example is taurine, a nutrient found only in animal products.