Phytic Acid in Common "Paleo" Foods

 Dr. Emily Deans has a post on the possibly beneficial effects of phytic acid, which is commonly demonized as an antinutrient. As she points out, its effects are complex. I think they are quite minimal if your diet is rich in minerals, but I think most Americans do not eat such a diet and even people trying to eat a better diet can have marginal consumption.

Phytic Acid: taking off the paleo blinders

Nuts are delicious...they aren't a grain, they are full of fat, low-carb, they are "paleo" what is there not to love? 

Apparently, lots. I addressed their imbalance of fats in a previous post and how they probably aren't paleo, but today an article on Cheeseslave about dental health got me interested in more:

The Seedy Side of Paleo


woman will be happy when I spend all day gathering 1000 tiny seeds to make tahini with instead of clubbing a deer