Waterproof And Resistant Barefoot Shoes For Summer Or Winter

Yesterday marked the first day in Chicago of cold autumn rain. And certainly not the last. Being an avid walker in all types of weather, that means I have to have footwear that can handle 

wet weather -- any kind of wet weather from hot rain to snow. Of course you can get rainboots anywhere, but traditional rainboots have some serious issues.

Foldable flats and flexible autumn boots

 While it seems like every other blogger was at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I was moving boxes and crappy furniture to my new apartment. That wasn't much fun, but I try to think of moving as an opportunity to reevaluate what you own. One of the things I owned was a pair of nice velvet ballet flats. I'd had them since high school, but since my feet seem to have shrunk I haven't worn them very much because they only fit with thick socks and if it's thick sock season I probably need to be wearing boots.

Merrell Wonder Glove

I've been wearing minimalist/barefoot type shoes to exercise in for a few years now. But the thing is that I live a pretty active lifestyle on a day to day basis. In my urban environment, I often walk anywhere from 2000 to 8000 steps a day, involving climbing lots of stairs and sometimes running so I don't miss the train.

Incredible shrinking feet

 "Those shoes have no arch support!"

Yes, the tired refrain of someone wearing tank-like shoes with tons of sculpting for "support" when they see Vibrams or other totally flat thin-soled shoes. 

Surviving The Snowpocalypse

A few months ago I got these Vivo Barefoot Belle boots from Terra Plana

Badass winter shoe ideas

Someone asked Barefoot Ted last week "what should we wear on our feet in the winter?" He said "nothing, move to California!"


I've been on the lookout for winter boots that don't ruin my barefoot conditioning for agggges. Native footwear is a great place to start. Moccasins are a pretty obvious choice and I discussed them a bit in my last post on the subject.

1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run

It's funny because the whole evolutionary living community has so many sub-movements: evolutionary nutrition, barefoot running, natural movement, and crossfit to name a few. Interest in one often piques interest in another. I got into barefoot running through the paleo diet, but there are many people who did the opposite. 


A reader sent in a question asking whether I use deodorant or not. When I was about 14 I started getting really conscious about sweat and anxious to the point that I started using Platinum Protection antiperspirant.It pretty much stopped all underarm sweating and I used it until I moved to Sweden last year. It was there that I started biking everywhere and having trouble with overheating. I thought it might be worth taking advantage of a mechanism we evolved to combat that- sweating.