Can you digest bone?

 Possible too gross for some, via John Hawks, this article that mentions a most interesting experiment mentioned in an article on strange science:

Best Vegetarian-Unfriendly Restaurants in NYC, plus bonus vegetarian and vegan places I actually like

 One thing I will miss in NYC are the fantastic restaurants. I particularly applaud the trend of restaurants that go whole hog and use real bone stocks and animal fat in their dishes. Obviously, these restaurants are pretty vegetarian-unfriendly and have been a little controversial. 

Unvegetarian, unapologetic animal eater restaurants

Deep Nutrition

 I've certainly read enough diet books myself, but I am always looking for ones to recommend. Unfortunately no one has written the one book to rule them all yet. The individual strengths and weaknesses of each author are evident in each. Perhaps now that more and more of us are talking to each other, this will change in the future, but for now I suppose it's wise to make recommendations with caveats. The same qualification can be evident in reviewers.