Is all bison grassfed?

A friend asked:

Off the top of your head, do you know if buffalo raising practices are similar to beef?  I ask because I'm unsure if buffalo can be raised with soy/corn feed instead of their natural grass diet.  I also ask because there seems to be no grass-fed label for buffalo.

Farmer's Market Spring

I've been really enjoying the farmer's market lately. Bizarrely enough, some people really want to know what the heck I eat. It's boring to me...but apparently exciting to you? 

Creepy Jar Society


Image from MARTHA STEWART, she is badass

My fridge is full of jars of creepy goo. At least my roommates thing that. But the truth is that those jars hold liquid gold! I love jars, as they are easy to clean fat off of and don't leech plastic byproducts. But I love what's in those jars more: