Slim is Not Simple

 When people use the contact form on the bottom of this site, maybe they should take a few seconds and think about two things I don't tolerate very well, which are

  • packaged industrial products being sold under "real food" or "paleo" labels
  • complete and utter misuse of history to sell a particular diet

Maybe don't send me that stuff, because I will post about it, and I will criticize it. Or maybe on the latter case, just leave the historical narrative out of your spiel if you can't waste more than an hour thinking about what it might actually imply. 

Calories Are King: The Perfectly Reasonably Paleo Priority Diet

As per the last post, here is a paleo diet for those of us that have trouble getting calories and aren't always able to cook a giant pork roast to eat at home. This is a diet for the real world, where salads have tiny amounts of meat and ordering a burger without a bun is bound to lead to hunger later. This is about doing your best and getting the calories you need to fuel an active and happy life. This is the way I make my eating decisions.

I can haz calories