The many-venomed earth

 I've written before on how the typical "paleo" paradigm didn't fix my digestive problems. That's because paleo divides things into good and bad in a somewhat arbitrary manner. The reality is that good and bad are relative to the functioning of your body and your individual biology. As Dr. Ayers said in his latest post:

Paleolithic Poop and Carbs

 I've been listening to a little bit of the Paleo Summit and today I listened to Nora Gedgauda's presentation on "safe" starches. You can still catch it for another hour or so I think, but let's just say it wasn't my favorite presentation in the world. 

Good Books, Bad Taubes

Some folks have wondered why I still recommend Gary Taubes' books on my Start Here post given that I have been vocally negative about him lately. Yes, I have a problem with his attitude and frankly find him stubborn. But the truth is that his books changed my life. Without Good Calories, Bad Calories, I might still think that eggs, butter, liver, and cheese are bad for you. I might still think that fat makes you sick and fat. These foods have been instrumental in improving my health and thus my life.

The Pima

Is Ottavia Bourdain VLC/primal?

 Anthony Bourdain is a food celebrity, author of Kitchen Confidential and host of No Reservations.

Yam Confusion: A WHOLE NEW WORLD

 This weekend I was reading Food and Western Disease on Friday and in the intro Dr. Lindeberg talks about why some starchs like yams might be OK since humans have such a long history eating them in our ancestral African homeland, whereas potatoes are a "new world" crop and humans have only been there for at the earliest 35,000 years ago.

NOOO NOT THE STARCHES: Plantains and cassava


When I saw these photos of an "uncontacted" tribe it became very clear to me that we must contact them as soon as possible. As you can see in the above photo, they are consumers of cassava, which is a starchy tuberous root. Someone has gotta tell them that all that starch will make them obese.

Fun with headlines: Did paleolithic people eat grains?

Great, a new pop-sci treatment of an anthropology paper that your Aunt Maude will forward to you with the implication that you should eat her whole wheat pancakes next time you visit. The article portrays this as some kind of ground-breaking research that totally changes our view of the paleolithic.

Paleo Vs. Primal Vs. Atkins