Gluten digestive enzymes: playing with fire

 Someone I know who follows a gluten-free diet said that he saw an ad for this product called GlutenCutter, an supplement that claims it helps people digest gluten, on Facebook. I would assume he "likes" many gluten-free/paleo/etc. blogs on Facebook that that is why he saw this ad. I looked at the product out of curiosity and it is a bit worrying, particularly the FAQ:

Q: Is Gluten Cutter intended for those with Celiac Disease?

Why is Celiac Disease Increasing? Clues from the Swedish epidemic.

 It seems that celiac disease is on the rise and is becoming a major public health issues. I remember when I was a kid at summer camp we all ate at the same table. By the time I was a camp counselor there was a special "peanut-free table" and admission to it was enforced through inspection. I am imagine at my children's camps there will probably be a new gluten-free table. 

Disease of Civilization? Or disease only properly diagnosed by civilization?

 "This whole gluten intolerance thing is just a Western upper middle class fad. People are just orthorexic. Why would gluten intolerance increase all the sudden?"

Well, actually it's not a Western upper middle class fad. People in poor countries can be celiac, but they just die and people think it's from something else. When you are a refugee wasting away from chronic diarrhea, that's not so abnormal unfortunately. When you are in Central Illinois and suffering from the same, it is abnormal and you see a doctor and hopefully get a diagnosis. 

Guest Post: Sarah's cooking for healing and happiness

  I am excited to welcome our first ever guest blogger. Sarah Davies is a member of Eating Paleo in NYC and is a testament to the diverse appeal of our group. We have everyone from Crossfitters building muscle to celiacs interested in healthy healing grain-free eating. Sarah is an example of the latter.