Biologically appropriate childcare without being child-centered in the Aka

 The Aka pygmies are nomadic horticulturalists that trade with nearby farmers for staple carbohydrates. I've written about the pygmy diet before, but variations exist among the various pygmy tribes in terms of culture. The Aka are considered "the best fathers in the world," at least among studied tribal peoples.

Babies need their mothers, science confirms this, but medicine lags behind

 Some of my readers might be interested in The Atlantic's debate on "alternative medicine." Reading it, what amused me is that opponents of alternative medicine accuse it of not being "evidence-based." Unfortunately our "normal medicine" isn't really evidence-based either. What doctors and hospitals do often seems more about the status quo than science. That explains why my sister (a biologist) and I are not exactly our doctor's favorite patients.

Yes, we are smothering our children

 In negative reviews of books on so-called "attachment parenting" like The Continuum Concept people often harp on about how it's "smothering" and emphasis the children at the expense of other social relationships. I suspect those people haven't read the book. The foraging horticulturalists in that book, for example, do breastfeed their children, sleep with them, and carry them around close to their bodies.

Feel-Good Hunter-Gatherer Chronicles Part 1

 Recently I've been reading lots of papers and working through data on violence and pathological conditions during the paleolithic. I think there is a tendency to view paleolithic hunter-gatherers as brutes or angels. I admit I've fallen for both betrayals. When I was young I thought of historical progress as being a march away from our natural brutish Hobbesian condition.

Evolutionary Disconnection = Earlier Puberty

It's easy enough to stop eating crap and start eating a diet closer to what evolution intended. Other evolutionary disconnects are harder to remedy. As a young woman, I can say one of the hardest is childbearing. Most middle-class young women in developed countries cannot afford to have children during our prime childbearing years. Furthermore, having children often means relying on two incomes and leaving the childcare to someone else outside the family.

Puberty Blues

This article asks why children are hitting puberty earlier and earlier, with some girls menstrating at 6 or younger! Scientists say that some consequences of early puberty include obesity, reproductive cancer, depression, and anxiety. The average age of puberty for American girls has gone from 17 in the 19th century to about 8.

To contrast, the average age of sexual maturation in hunter-gatherers is from 15-18 years.


 Yes, apparently even babies can show signs of the dreaded diseases of civilization. Ugh, very scary. 

Here are some WAPF events coming up. WAPFers are paleo allies in the war for real food and delicious fat. I might not be crazy for grains or dairy, but they have some useful things to say. In NYC the paleo tribe seems to be mostly singles, but WAPFers tend to be those with children or thinking about them. That's great- we need more healthy children out there. 

The Picky Cycle