Crio Bru: Cocoa-based chocolate-like drink

 I have a complicated relationship with coffee because I seem to be very sensitive to it. Even if I drink it regularly, it seems to make me a bit jittery at times. I reserve it for days I really need an edge in productivity. Other days I drink tea. I used to not be able to tolerate coffee at all because it upset my stomach, but I figured out thanks to reader Mike White that I could drink paper-filtered, but not French-press coffee. There is a lot of great coffee here in Chicago, so I'm happy I know this.

Treats that I appreciate: chocolate tea and French lard sauerkraut

I mostly eat locally produced foods, but I do like to have some treats now and then. Today I had two incredibly delicious things.

On an impulse I picked up some French sauerkraut from Fairway made by Andre Laurent. Yes, the French really do it better. Maybe some day we'll figure it out. Yesterday I had some sauerkraut at Fette Seu in Williamsburg and while my friend Zev appreciated it, I found it rather chrunchy and "young" tasting, meaning it just didn't have any flavor besides acid.

Getting Real About Chocolate


Let's get real about chocolate. First of all not paleo: it requires advanced processing and the addition of sugar to make it edible. If you found the raw fruit growing on the tree it would taste pretty gross.