Quick Cupcake and coconut oil coupon!

I'm not big on making desserts, but for special occasions this is a great quick recipe and I think it's quite a fun project for kids. It's also very filling and makes small servings, which makes it an ideal treat.

Coconut Agrobiodiversity

 Coconuts of French Polynesia is a fascinating blog I found though the coconut Google group. Unfortunately, it's in French, so I read in in Google Translate. Since most of us eat coconut products imported and processed far away, we don't really think about what kind of coconut those foods came from. Apparently many traditional cultures use many types of coconuts. There are oil coconuts, water coconuts, medicinal coconuts, and fiber coconuts for example.

So Delicious Coconut Milk ...not really a fan

I was home for a little while last week and noticed all my family members had So Delicious Coconut Milk in their fridges. I admit that I was excited when this product came out because it acts a lot like real milk. It doesn't form an oily film when you put it in coffee, for example.

Quick Meal Replacement Ideas

What do you eat when you've overslept and you have 10 minutes to spare before a big meeting? Or you have to go straight from work to a concert where there will be dancing and you want to have energy. I try not to make these situations a habit, but they do happen, particularly in NYC. Luckily I also work next to a Fairway, a glorious giant grocery store from heaven. I've stocked my desk with ten million trillion types of tea and also these things:

Sea Change

Prof Loren Cordain announces a new cookbook and a sea change in his email newsletter:

PB: Do you cross-reference any of your other published work in the cookbook?

Primordial Jelly: The Magic of Gelatin

I live in the land of expensive food boutiques that sell absolutely nothing practical and can only exist in a place that is wealthy enough to view food as mere entertainment. Either way, some of them actually have some decent house-made cured meats and other delights. One of my favorites is BKLYN Larder and what they have that is truly outstanding is gelato made with high-quality dairy and very little sugar.

Carbs I Enjoy


Bergen, Norway dinner with mussels, wolf fish, vegetables, and potatoes...the only thing missing was some lamb or mutton

CocoBiotic: Make fermented coconut water yourself

 Last year I read a certain book that extolled the virtues of fermented coconut water, but gave no instructions for making it. Instead, the author's website sold the drink and it wasn't cheap. I wanted to try it myself, so I went on Ebay and bought water kefir grains for about $6.