A meat lover's notes

I think some people mistakenly think lamb, deer, and other similar ruminants are leaner than they actually are because many times their fat is discarded. That is a shame. I think you should at least taste an animal's fat before discarding it. Ruminants do tend to convert things to fat less gracefully than pigs do. Lard is nearly always tasty until a pig has been fed something truly horrible. Tallow and other ruminant fats can be a lot more variable.

A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband: With Bettina's Best Recipes

The past couple of posts I've gotten some comments implying I'm misandrist, which any man that actually knows me will confirm is untrue, but furthermore, would a misandrist own a cookbook called A Thousand Ways To Please A Husband With Bettina's Best Recipes?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas & British Food

Hmm, I guess the problem with getting your family into eating healthier is that you might come home expecting to indulge in some Christmas sweets and find a fridge full of not fudge, but grass-fed meat and oranges.

When I looked at that fridge full of healthy foods I felt less than festive. And an inexplicable craving for fudge. 

My Little Delicious Pony

Guess what I had for dinner last night at a super secret supper club? Hint, "I'm so hungry I could eat a _____."

Yes, this is horse heart with truffles. Oh, I can just hear the gasps of horror right now. This was from Quebec, where it is legal. In most of Europe it's still eaten.

Pre-Colombian Cuisine: Indigenous Foods of the Americas

Palo Santo is a small restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn that has a bit of a cult following in the paleo community. Robb Wolf has praised the food there. It's also popular with members of local Crossfit gyms. I've eaten there many times and the food is incredible!

How do I love thee, neolithic foods

Have you seen Chris Masterjohn's latest post? Since his last posts have been rather serious, I thought he was seriously going to write a paleo book. ANd I thought...well that's quite a bit unlike the Chris I know and a little odd to boot. But seriously, it reminds me of all the reasons I'm not writing a book any time soon.

Cordain's New Cookbook

On a whim, I purchased Cordain's new cookbook on my Kindle recently.

The Little House Cookbook

When I was little my mother read the Little House books to my sister and me. Looking back, I wonder if those books were part of what predisposed me to liking traditional foods, hunting, and farming. We had The Little House Cookbook as well and I remember being intimidated by the receipes, which called for things like lard.

There will be blood....goose blood

Yesterday I went to another event with Jackson Landers, who taught my hunting class and writes an excellent blog. This time the event was about cooking Canada geese, which have been a subject of much controversy since the USDA randomly decided that the fat and immobile geese in Prospect Park in Brooklyn were taking down more planes than Al Qaeda and unceremioniously kidnapped, gassed, and buried them. It kind of doesn't make sense, but it's also a waste of good meat.