I need to get my camera fixed...

From last year in sweden, when I bothered to take pictures of my food

Lemon curd with currants

The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail at Home

Fergus Henderson
The seminal cookbook on cooking offal. Many of the recipes are perfectly easy for the home cook- particular those for heart and bone marrow.
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Smeltingly Good

Offal Scary

Bets asks "Where does one even buy an eye or a nose to eat? The thought of peeling a tongue invokes pain to my core. That said, I never say never and am game."


From Offal Good's store

The Feast

Last night when I took off my shirt I was horrified to find a small black speck on my stomach. It was a tick, a souvenir from Virginia, feasting upon my blood. I had showered many times since returning to the city, but perhaps it had hid in my thick dark head of hair.

I had been feasting on blood myself. The blood of a fallow deer, killed for my hunting class with a perfect shot to the head that preserved her still grace in heavy lidded glassy eyes. 

Not an issue of paleo or not-paleo

I had a great time at Jackson Lander's deer hunting workshop, but I will write a post on it later since I'm still...ruminating...haha! But John Durant already beat me to it and has some great picture, so you should check them out.


For some reason I get Gwynyth Paltrow's "GOOP" newsletter, maybe because of her roasted chicken video, which laughably raised the ire of vegans. Nothing weird about roasted chicken, but apostates can't be tolerated...

Anyway, today her newsletter was about the diet she ate to get ready to play Pepper Potts in Iron Man. It was kind of a low-carb diet, but mostly just bare bones- smoothies, chicken, salad, turkey, low-carb wraps, soup...

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What's Cooking? 

Ramping Up Spring Flavors

Food Porn

I found this picture and became jealous of my old self. I made this in Sweden. It was fish roe, sea buckthorn berries I collected in the autumn and froze, thyme from our window garden, and a real treat...early spring honey. We collected it our bee course because it was ending, but most beekeepers don't collect that early. It tasted heavily of airy sweet dandelions.