Creepy Jar Society


Image from MARTHA STEWART, she is badass

My fridge is full of jars of creepy goo. At least my roommates thing that. But the truth is that those jars hold liquid gold! I love jars, as they are easy to clean fat off of and don't leech plastic byproducts. But I love what's in those jars more:



Are you still putting your leftovers in Tupperware or old plastic takeout containers? Well, you are not alone and that just mystifies me. When I see someone putting their short ribs into a scratched container that they got when they ordered Chinese food ten years ago, I want to tell them about Ball jars...and how they are ballin'

Paleo On The Go

This might come to shock you, but when I first started the paleo diet I almost never cooked. I had two technology jobs, a full courseload, and the only kitchen appliances I had in my closet-like apartment were a micro-fridge and a microwave.

Eating Paleo Around the World: Må bra med stenåldersmat

Interested in seeing the blogs of Swedes eating paleo, I did a search for stenåldersmat, which roughly translates to Stone Age Food. A good word to know in case you have to explain your diet to a Swedish person for some strange reason.

Chicken meatballs, eggs, mango, avocado

Squash Soup Method


I misplaced my camera, so I drew this on MS Paint. It's probably better than the pictures I take anyway.

Foraging at Yagura in Midtown

I packed the foods that would make up my lunch carefully: bright green arugula, crispy kale, a few clementines. I knew I had bacon from The Piggery in the fridge at the office and I envisioned a delicious stir fry. But somehow I managed to leave the entire bag on the table as I rushed to work.


Woman, the hunter

This is what you will look like if you eat tasty animals

Some of the most common comments on blogs post related to the NYT paleo article seem to contend that we are idiots because meat was a rare treat in the paleolithic and most of the food came from women who gathered tubers and nuts.