A wreck who eats well

Thanks for all the kind words yesterday! I have learned so much recently and had to face up the fact that eating paleo isn't going to erase staying up until 4 AM. So far my plan to get better includes:

1. Blackout curtains

2. Going to bed at a normal time and working normal hours

3. Morning sunlight

4. Not pressuring myself to do something all the time (easier said than done)

5. Meditation

6. Quitting the coffee treadmill

Getting out of the sun

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Robb Wolf's Paleolithic Solution seminar at Crossfit South Brooklyn. I wasn't feeling so awesome (I must have had caught a bug, I haven't been sick for ages, but I'm definitely feeling it today), but I really perked up when we started talking about one of his trainers— a "superwoman" trainer/mother-of-3/do everything kind of gal. One day she had a couple of shots of espresso and just collapsed.