That's not even grain-fed cattle, it's crap-fed cattle

 I think referring to conventional feedlot cattle as "grain fed" is unfortunate. I think it's an insult on small local family farmers who raise their cows mainly on pasture, but supplement a little grain here and there. Sometimes I buy this kind of beef. It's not terribly different nutrient-wise from completely 100% grass-fed beef. And many people prefer the taste. Furthermore, it's often very affordable, as low as $2-$4 a lb if you buy in bulk. 

T. Colin Campbell Hates Babies

 In a recent post I discussed how the death of a vegan baby wasn't caused by veganism, but by a denialist myth that humans are naturally herbivores, so vegans don't need to supplement. I tallied up some of the documented cases of unsupplemented veganism harming or killing children. Now Rhys at Let Them Eat Meat has a great post on whether or not this case is really about veganism. 

Jerky Jerks

I started up the paleo meatshare because I wanted to have a meat buying program that was about health. Your health, the animal's health, the health of the land, and health of local communities. I wanted something beyond just jargon and labels.

Because unfortunately those labels and jargon have become meaningless. Buying good meat is hard and sometimes it's nice to think that regulations or labels could make it easier. But instead it just crowds the good food market with suspect products.