Witches in our psyche?

 A few years back when I was researching the ancient MacEwan clan of Scotland, I came across an interesting anecdote. Apparently a MacEwan, Elspeth McEwan was the last witch to be executed in Scotland:

A music post: music from the arctic, Norway, Australia, Scotland, and Finland

I suppose I haven't posted any music lately. I've been listening to a lot of stuff though, here are some things on repeat:

Tribal Wives Kitava

 Sweden is a relatively small country and as such they don't have that many native TV shows. They seem to fill in with some assorted American and British shows. It was there where I was exposed to British-style reality TV and I lost my Anglophilia. Instead of high tea and Jane Austen, there was "five ton mum" and "real life 40 year old virgin!" I guess one of the more interesting shows is Tribal Wives.  The premise of the show is that a British person goes and lives with a tribe.

What about all the people that can't afford to do XYZ?

 What about all the people that can't afford grass-fed meat? Can't afford to stay home from work to breast feed? Can't afford to purchase whole foods? 

Why Some Like It Hot: Food, Genes, and Cultural Diversity

Gary Nabhan
A thought provoking book about the possibility that human cultures co-evolved with certain foods.
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How the Grinch Stole Christmas & British Food

Hmm, I guess the problem with getting your family into eating healthier is that you might come home expecting to indulge in some Christmas sweets and find a fridge full of not fudge, but grass-fed meat and oranges.

When I looked at that fridge full of healthy foods I felt less than festive. And an inexplicable craving for fudge. 

The Hipster Diet

Whenever I get off the train at Bedford Ave., I feel like I'm in Stockholm again. Everyone is super-skinny and wearing the latest fashions. I go into a hip clothing boutique and can only fit into a size medium, when normally I wear an XS petite. Where am I? The domain of the hipsters in Williamsburg.