Easy Delicious Pork Belly + The Best Things I've Eaten Lately

 I've had some incredible meals lately, despite being very busy. I have a bunch of books I need to review, but you know how that goes. I think things will calm down for me after my work gets a real office and I also move into a new apartment. And stop traveling so much. 

The many-venomed earth

 I've written before on how the typical "paleo" paradigm didn't fix my digestive problems. That's because paleo divides things into good and bad in a somewhat arbitrary manner. The reality is that good and bad are relative to the functioning of your body and your individual biology. As Dr. Ayers said in his latest post:

Incredible Meals I've Eaten

 Dr. Lustig's recent moralistic tirade on how we are all so fat and unhappy because are trying to get pleasure from food reminded me of exactly why I love food. For me, gaining a better relationship with food meant learning to enjoy it as an experience rather than just a rote vaguely pleasurable activity.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas & British Food

Hmm, I guess the problem with getting your family into eating healthier is that you might come home expecting to indulge in some Christmas sweets and find a fridge full of not fudge, but grass-fed meat and oranges.

When I looked at that fridge full of healthy foods I felt less than festive. And an inexplicable craving for fudge. 

Free Food NYC

Is the price of grass-fed meat getting you down? Why not try some delicious nutritious meat for free in NYC this Sunday? Try some samples of meats our ancestors would have loved and which are enjoyed by many hunter-gatherer cultures. The cuts will be kind of small, but it's hard to get large steaks from these animals.

Paleo Party and Weekly Eats

 What do people eating an evolutionarily appropriate diet eat? Well. lots of things, as I try to demonstrate with my paleo foods section.Eating Paleo in NYC had a great party last night and it was wonderful to see the huge diversity of food on the menu and to meet everyone!




Are you still putting your leftovers in Tupperware or old plastic takeout containers? Well, you are not alone and that just mystifies me. When I see someone putting their short ribs into a scratched container that they got when they ordered Chinese food ten years ago, I want to tell them about Ball jars...and how they are ballin'

Dances With Vegans II: Kale Chips


I admit it, sometimes I crave snacks. When it's movie night and everyone is eating popcorn (and yes, corn is a grain), being paleo can mean feeling left out. Of course there are nuts, but I like to watch my consumption of those because while they have lots of nutrients, they can also mess up your ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 if you eat too much.