Disease of Civilization? Or disease only properly diagnosed by civilization?

 "This whole gluten intolerance thing is just a Western upper middle class fad. People are just orthorexic. Why would gluten intolerance increase all the sudden?"

Well, actually it's not a Western upper middle class fad. People in poor countries can be celiac, but they just die and people think it's from something else. When you are a refugee wasting away from chronic diarrhea, that's not so abnormal unfortunately. When you are in Central Illinois and suffering from the same, it is abnormal and you see a doctor and hopefully get a diagnosis. 

Livestock: Bane or beneficial?

Paleo 4 every1!!!!!!!!

Occasionally I get the criticism that the paleo diet would destroy the world if everyone ate this way or it's an impracticable diet for the world. But how many of us are preaching this diet as a cure for world hunger? Not many.

Most of the world's population can't eat paleo, but they also can't get enough calories. Does that mean we all should eat a diet of 800 calories millet gruel every day? Paleo, for most, is a diet of self-improvement and making the best out of your circumstances, which is a healthy and natural human desire.