The Hangover

I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. And the sad part about it was that no alcohol was involved. You see, last night I had BBQ. BBQ is pretty paleo right? I mean it's meat and stuff, so why not?

Sekrit Paleo Outposts of NYC

Eating paleo has become surprisingly popular in the urban jungle of New York City. Our meet up group has over 500 members now and paleo vectors like Crossfit are also growing rapidly. Apparently some paleo operatives have even infiltrated restaurants, influencing their menus.

One of these is Lodge in Williamsburg, which is offering a paleo special as part of Crossfit Virtuosity's paleo challenge:

Paleo On The Go

This might come to shock you, but when I first started the paleo diet I almost never cooked. I had two technology jobs, a full courseload, and the only kitchen appliances I had in my closet-like apartment were a micro-fridge and a microwave.