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Chicago Restaurant Recommendations

 Since I get regular emails on this subject, I thought I might as well create a whole post on restaurants (and a smattering of bars) in Chicago that I think are worth recommending.

The Sad State of Salads

 I found this excellent little place called Wisma at the French Market near my office. They caught my eye because their salad dressings are made with olive oil and they have grass-fed free range meat.

The problem? Their salads. And I find this is a common problem at many restaurants. Because by the logic of these restaurants, if you want salad, it must mean you are into "health food." And if you are into "health food" you must be watching the fat content and definitely you don't want any evil red meat or anything. 

Soybean Oil Week: Let's Tell Chipotle No to Soybean Oil

 I'm dedicating this week to Soybean Oil, an ingredient I think all rational people should be able to rally against. Despite massive amounts of scientific evidence that large amounts of omega-6 oils are bad for anyone, this ingredient remains common in our food supply. 

This year I was VERY VERY disapointed to find that Chipotle uses it in almost all their ingredients besides their pork. I don't know why I never knew this, I guess it was an instance of "maybe if I don't look at the ingredients I don't be upset."

Hell is other people's idea of "healthy"

Between moving, work, school, and the very very sad state of my inbox, I haven't had much time to post. 

Tomorrow on the Runway

It's a testament to the size of this city that there are several "cult" paleo restaurants frequented by various "tribes." I don't know all of them and most of them I know from the grapevine, but Crossfit South Brooklyn's are Bierkraft (ask for the paleo "muffin") and Palo Santo. Apparently Crossfit Virtuosity's is Fette Sau, a famous Williamsburg BBQ place. Lately Eating Paleo in NYC's has been Takashi, which serves Korean-Style Japanese BBQ in the West Village.

Paleo Shitlist #2: Whole Foods Hot Bar

This gross pic on Gothamist of Whole Foods hot bar food transported alongside of garbage got me thinking that maybe the two really do belong together.

Eating Peruvian Food

I will forewarn you with the fact that this post involves the eating of animals that many Americans consider pets. Which is a damn shame...why are American parents being food for their children to keep as pets? It precludes many delicious culinary experiences and everyone knows that parents who get Little Timmy (to use Bourdain's literary device) Floofy the Rabbit instead of Fido are just lazy. 

Fatty Cue

Offal Scary

Bets asks "Where does one even buy an eye or a nose to eat? The thought of peeling a tongue invokes pain to my core. That said, I never say never and am game."


From Offal Good's store

Memo to Locavores: Animal Rights groups are NOT alllies

Let's get this clear: The Humane Society of The United States is an organization devoted to animal rights. Animal rights does not mean being nice to animals, it means eliminating ALL animal use from pets, to pork, to scientific animal testing that saves millions of lives. Unfortunately, many people associate The Humane Society with being nice to kittens rather than outlawing all meat consumption. While I don't agree with everything they post, Humane Watch has done a great job demystifying HSUS's true intentions.