Troll Files: Ingredients in "paleo" bars

 A week or so ago I got an email advertising a new "paleo" product. I've written several times about various products parasitically riding the "paleo" bandwagon. Most of them suck. 

Cooking for resiliency

 Last month someone posted saying asking if I might have issues with anxiety/depression that might really be at the root of my stomach problems rather than diet. It's interesting because I once thought that to be the case, but if it was I seem to have de-coupled the issues. When I first started getting healthy, my main goal was to be stable enough health-wise to study abroad, a goal I met and indeed I did study for a year in Uppsala. But even there when I was stressed I would get stomach issues. 


 It's funny because when I started reading Fanatic Cook I was vegan and she was a low-carber. I thought she was wrong, but just liked reading her stuff (I read a bunch of vegan blogs still). Now she is a nutritarian and I'm the carnivore. Most of the time I think she is missing the bigger picture, but she picks up interesting articles. 

High Point Farms