The Future of Seafood

Last year I paid a visit to Miya's Sushi, in New Haven, a restaurant that tries* to be sustainable

Is it ethical to eat meat contest

 The New York Times recently announced a contest to write an essay on why it's OK to eat meat. They made it clear that entries that engage in the naturalistic fallacy and a smattering of other silly common arguments would not be acceptable. Some people wrote me to ask if I would enter.

Meat: A Benign Extravagance

Simon Fairlie
So you've heard eating animals is bad for the environment. The scientific and economic reality is that sustainable food is more complex than cutting out animal products- some animal foods are good for the environment and sustainable to produce. An extensive academic treatment of what this means.
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The Animals We Eat: What's really important?

 The Elephant or the Hungry? 

Great blog post by a local farmer. Some of you may have heard about GoDaddy CEO's canned elephant hunt. On one hand the dude is clearly an asshole (with company whose web interface sucks) and elephants are very intelligent. On the other hand this is a single elephant. How many companies have policies that destroy the environment for millions of animals? Where is the outrage for that? 

Meat Book Club: Meat- A Benign Extravagance Part 1

It's interesting to compare Meat : A Benign Extravagance to the Vegetarian Myth. On the surface both challange animal rights dogma, but Meat is primarily a book about economics and is far more rigorous than the Vegetarian Myth. Unfortunately one thing they have in common is that both authors adhere to philosophies that I would deem somewhat noxious to put it lightly, though Fairlie's in a bit benign.

Oil Spill

This is a food blog...why post about the oil spill? To me, the oil spill represents what's wrong with politics in this country. How is it "free market" to let a company destroy what it doesn't own and not have to pay the full consequences? This whole thing cuts across party lines.


 Hmm, I guess my previous post made it seem like I am callous about fish. But I care greatly about fish as species and as important parts of our ecosystem. While I certainly wouldn't go out of the way to kill a fish cruelly, the ecology is the most important part for me. Before I switched into agricultural development economics, I nearly finished a degree in environmental economics.