Ancestral Health Symposium Part 1

 I'm typing this on my rather nice Virgin America flight from LA to NYC, so maybe it won't be the most complete post ever. I'm sad I didn't get to spend much time in California, which is one of my favorite places in the United States, but it was a pleasure getting away from NYC even for a short while (hopefully I can someday make this permanent!). I had tons of fun at AHS, though it was overwhelming at times. It was surreal to be surrounded by so many interesting people and I wish I had been able to make time to talk to more of them!


So I have some awesome things to look forward to!

Next weekend Locavore Hunter Jackson Landers, who taught my hunting class, will be in NYC for a goose-cooking event in my Brooklyn neighborhood! The NYtimes just covered the event, so it might sell out soon!

Things that are happened these days

Yes, many things happen, especially when you are so busy that you can barely keep your head above the water.

- I am organizing a meatshare! With a farmer who follows the paleo diet herself from upstate! You can get more info here! Suffice to say, organizing these things has been a great education in the major difficulties of getting quality food from farm to table. But I'm learning more each day and our meat shares keep getting better.


 Yes, apparently even babies can show signs of the dreaded diseases of civilization. Ugh, very scary. 

Here are some WAPF events coming up. WAPFers are paleo allies in the war for real food and delicious fat. I might not be crazy for grains or dairy, but they have some useful things to say. In NYC the paleo tribe seems to be mostly singles, but WAPFers tend to be those with children or thinking about them. That's great- we need more healthy children out there. 

Paleo News

Two exciting tips!