Fail Weight-Loss Tip #1

 A new series inspired by my bad cooking. Follow these tips and your appetite will be so low you won't want to eat anything!

Tip #1:

Slice plantains into strips with vegetable peeler. Forget to season. Dehydrate in dehydrator for 12 hours. Try to eat. Total cardboard taste kills your appetite. 

Wow, imagine how rich I'll be when I market that as a snack.


Studies about nothing

If you read the media accounts you might think that this study is about Aktins or low-carb diets. But it's not. Because the people studied, as far as we know, weren't on such diets. Some of them just happened to eat lower carb and higher in meat, and the statisticians/idiots associated this with mortality. But were these people low carbers? For all we know they ate hot dogs from Safeway and their carb sources included twinkies and slurpies.