Dear People Making Paleo Products: Can you lose the soybean oil?

 I understand that people what to have convenient paleo meal options and that people want to provide them. But I'd like to ask people promoting paleo out there to please remain from stamping products with modern industrial neolithic poisons as "paleo"

I Eated It: new food reviews

 Each weekend I give myself free rein to eat gluten-free desserts. I don't find that eating sugar upsets my stomach at all, which makes sense because most sugar is digested in the small intestine before it gets into the fermentation chambers of the lower intestine. But really, having some treats once in awhile makes it way easier for me to comply with this diet on a day to day basis. Never having bread again doesn't seem so bad in a world of delicious ice cream. 

My rules for treats are

I kissed a lectin and I liked it

True or false:

8 ways to tell if someone is going to fall off the Paleo bandwagon big time...

And I ain't talking a baked potato here. I'm talking cupcake/fried crap/PUFA/sugar binge time. I know about this from experience unfortunately, but also from seeing plenty of people go down the road to a paleo diet that's unsustainable. Here are the warning signs: