Why do women reject feminism? The case of Vanuatu

 When watching the show about the men of Vanuatu, I became curious about the state of women on Tanna. In the show, there are no interviews of any Tannan women. In fact, the women aren't mentioned much at all, except when the Tannans are commenting on the housework practices of the Western families. The Tannan men say that in their culture, such housework (cooking, cleaning) is something only women do. 

Grandma Plays Both Sides

Remember my grandma I intereviewed? Apparently she is playing both sides. See this recent Peoria Star article:

Still, Annette Dyar Sherman of Eureka, 91, says she "just sort of coasted" into becoming a vegetarian eight years ago.

Traditional American Diets: Interview with my grandma

Earlier I posted about my maternal grandmother, who is over 90. Some of you asked what my maternal grandmother eats. She's never eaten a particularly special diet, but I called her to clarify. Grandma A grew up during the Depression with many siblings in Eureka, Illinois.

My Father's Paleo Experience

 Two years back I started sending my dad a paleo article or two every once in awhile. My dad was really into exercise, but despite exercising every day he was having a tough time with his weight. It's no wonder. Growing up I remember he would take us out to the infamous Cici's All You Can Eat Pizza where well...we would eat amounts of sugar and junk that I shudder to look back on.