Saturday Nerdery: Games of Thrones in the evolution of menopause, and Doctor Who in minimalist shoes

Killer whales are one of the three known animals that experience menopause, with females ceasing reproduction in their 30s or 40s and living beyond that into their 90s. Some have said that evolution doesn't select for longevity because it only cases about you living long enough to reproduce. Nonsense. In species with complex social structures like ours and like the killer whales, every individual matters and the elders can play important social roles.

Merrell Wonder Glove

I've been wearing minimalist/barefoot type shoes to exercise in for a few years now. But the thing is that I live a pretty active lifestyle on a day to day basis. In my urban environment, I often walk anywhere from 2000 to 8000 steps a day, involving climbing lots of stairs and sometimes running so I don't miss the train.

Vintage food for vintage clothing

 Has anyone noticed that most modern dresses are basically glorified bags with elastic waists or something just bags that you are supposed to wear a belt around? Rarely do you have to shop based on waist measurements anymore. I suppose that's because fewer and fewer women have defined slim waists. Modern dresses provide lots of give or completely hide the waist. The result is ugly formless clothing that is unflattering even if you have a waist. 

Badass winter shoe ideas

Someone asked Barefoot Ted last week "what should we wear on our feet in the winter?" He said "nothing, move to California!"


I've been on the lookout for winter boots that don't ruin my barefoot conditioning for agggges. Native footwear is a great place to start. Moccasins are a pretty obvious choice and I discussed them a bit in my last post on the subject.

1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run

It's funny because the whole evolutionary living community has so many sub-movements: evolutionary nutrition, barefoot running, natural movement, and crossfit to name a few. Interest in one often piques interest in another. I got into barefoot running through the paleo diet, but there are many people who did the opposite.