Oh Venus

 These is some interesting discussion on Primal Wisdom on the Venus of Willendorf, a figurine from the Upper Paleolithic. 

As this paper describes, the figurine is an uncannily accurate anatomically correct depiction of adiposity.

Don asserts that such figures are found throughout paleolithic sites in Europe, but I would view these in a different light

Hell is other people's idea of "healthy"

Between moving, work, school, and the very very sad state of my inbox, I haven't had much time to post. 

Real Life Faileo Dieters

Chris Masterjohn's review of The New Evolution Diet was nicer than mine. Luckily for Chris, he already knows about the wonders of butter and egg yolks. But what happens when a normal person reads a lipid-phobia ridden paleo book?

An Outside Magazine reporter tried to follow one such book, focusing on lean meats and non-starchy vegetables. Here is how he felt:

Lesser Hunters

A well-meaning, but mistaken, commenter pointed me towards this paper: Hadza Scavenging: Implications for Plio/Pleistocene Hominid Subsistence.

How do I love thee, neolithic foods

Have you seen Chris Masterjohn's latest post? Since his last posts have been rather serious, I thought he was seriously going to write a paleo book. ANd I thought...well that's quite a bit unlike the Chris I know and a little odd to boot. But seriously, it reminds me of all the reasons I'm not writing a book any time soon.

Healthy at any size?

What involves the exposure of government health conspiracies, the realization that exercise doesn't make you thin, restricting calories doesn't work very well, and a take-down of low-fat diet foods?

If you are thinking Good Calories, Bad Calories you are right, but there is another community that accepts these things that's not really on the low-carb/paleo radar.

8 ways to tell if someone is going to fall off the Paleo bandwagon big time...

And I ain't talking a baked potato here. I'm talking cupcake/fried crap/PUFA/sugar binge time. I know about this from experience unfortunately, but also from seeing plenty of people go down the road to a paleo diet that's unsustainable. Here are the warning signs:

Is high metabolism good?

Sometimes low-fat blogs, like Dr.

So you're telling them to eat FAT?????

A traditional high-fat paleo diet is being promoted among the Maori in New Zealand. The results are "eye opening." Notice the comments— naysayers saying it's just another fad diet like Atkins. But it's not Atkins. It's a diet that revives food traditions and is culturally appropriate. Contrast that with Jamie Oliver's failures in West Virginia pushing a generic "healthy" diet.

Another great video on persistence hunting: