Salt & Fat

 Last month I made the move from Brooklyn to Queens. There were several reasons for this, but I already love Queens, probably more than I love Brooklyn. I never felt perfectly comfortable there for some reason. Organic food, farmer's markets, coops...what's not to like? I guess I found it boring, kind of like the suburbs.

I Eated It: new food reviews

 Each weekend I give myself free rein to eat gluten-free desserts. I don't find that eating sugar upsets my stomach at all, which makes sense because most sugar is digested in the small intestine before it gets into the fermentation chambers of the lower intestine. But really, having some treats once in awhile makes it way easier for me to comply with this diet on a day to day basis. Never having bread again doesn't seem so bad in a world of delicious ice cream. 

My rules for treats are

I got jaded by food policy and schools

 I did my undergraduate degree in agricultural economics, hoping to work in food policy. I don't know what I was thinking. I think most economics-types who work in policy must be saints given that they have been trained in logic and are forced to support idiotic inefficient ideas. That's where I found myself. The worst part was the move to reform school food, which consisted of mainly

Seaweed: An Ancient Celtic Food

 Lately one of the Asian groceries I go to started selling roasted Laver with olive oil. This is an important development, since in the past the only laver available at the store contained high omega-6 industrial oils like soybean or grapeseed. Also sesame oil, which is tasty, but still too high in omega-6.

No recipes: tropical shrimp


Acid Trip

 I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had time for fancy recipes. Luckily there are a few things that can make anything tasty: salt and acid. Adding a dash of acid to a dish can really improve the flavor profile. For example, on Sunday I made pork chops for Chris with rosemary, sea salt, pepper, and a dash of peach vinegar that I got from this awesome store called The Filling Station.

A Food Manifesto For Wussies

Maybe it's inadvisable to post while running a fever. Yes, I've finally succumbed to a winter illness. I could blame forgetting to take Vitamin D or traveling I suppose, but instead I'll direct my fever feistiness towards ill-mannered blogging. 

Health Tip: Microbudgeting

 Maybe this doesn't work for everyone's vices, but if you are like me and your vices are $5 chocolate bars, then it works great. Every month I've been looking at my budget on I used to just have a lump sum for "Groceries" but I've found it's better for my budget and my health to break that down. My categories are

- Cowpooling/meatshare

- Other good things like condiments, vegetables, and fruits

- Treats