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 I love that this is the entire dessert section for Zakary Pelaccio's Eat With Your Hands cookbook:

Jungle Butter

 A commenter on the previous post on the Mbuti pointed out that the mango they eat is not rich is fat, but in fiber. When I looked at the data it became clear that the data from the original paper reffered to the whole fruit including the seed I think. The fruit in question is Irvingia gabonensis.

The ecological basis of hunter-gatherer subsistence in African Rain Forests: The Mbuti of Eastern Zaire

 This paper by the Harts is a fantastic one. The Mbuti are a tribe of rainforest hunter-gatherers. Like all modern hunter-gatherers, they do not represent some sort of paleolithic hunter-gatherer state. The Mbuti have a symbiotic trade relationship with nearby agriculturalists, which seems to have evolved due to desire for starch. This fits quite well with my belief that much of human history has been about the acquisition of starch and fat. 

No recipes: tropical shrimp


Primordial Jelly: The Magic of Gelatin

I live in the land of expensive food boutiques that sell absolutely nothing practical and can only exist in a place that is wealthy enough to view food as mere entertainment. Either way, some of them actually have some decent house-made cured meats and other delights. One of my favorites is BKLYN Larder and what they have that is truly outstanding is gelato made with high-quality dairy and very little sugar.


For me paleo/evolutionary nutrition is a dietary philosophy rather than a diet. What's the difference? A diet implies following certain rules. And rules really just aren't my thing...

Instead, I prefer to use evolutionary science to think about food, which really does not generate rules, but ideas for us to test out on ourselves while in the pursuit of better health.

New Fruit CSA in NYC

My friend just told me about Red Jacket Orchards, a new fruit CSA. I'm sure you could get it sans jam/juice if that's too sugary for you. If you are interested in sharing this with me, let me know:

Join A Fruit CSA in NYC!

Wild Life, Wild Food in Sweden

 I looked in the mirror with dismay. Right on my left eyeball was a blood vessel that had swelled to the size of a small red lightening blot. I knew I had been spending too much time on the computer, working on server migrations and slogging though the process of learning PhP. The effects were written all over my poor eye.