Politically Correct Stereotypes about hunter-gatherers

 I find it quite amusing when people accuse me of having one hunter-gatherer stereotype when it's also clear they hold one themselves. The most popular thing to accuse people of is that they hold the "man the hunter" hypothesis that people ate mostly meat and men provided most of the food. The challenging hypothesis is that humans mostly ate plants and women provided most of the food.


They crop up with alarming frequency on anything to do with paleo- the angry comment that says "paleolithic humans mostly ate plants which WOMEN gathered. Women's gathering, not meat, providing most of the food."

Unfortunately these comments are a result of the sexist and outdated folk anthropology meme that paleolithic men went out hunting while paleolithic women stayed at the camp with baby putting leaves peacefully in a basket all day. 

Yeah, nice "just so" story, but not really true. 

Wild Life, Wild Food in Sweden

 I looked in the mirror with dismay. Right on my left eyeball was a blood vessel that had swelled to the size of a small red lightening blot. I knew I had been spending too much time on the computer, working on server migrations and slogging though the process of learning PhP. The effects were written all over my poor eye.