Beef and Beer: Can we de-commodify grassfed meat?

You know, it's kind of amazing to realize that you can get pretty good craft beer at nearly any convenience store in a city. You can even get it at a random mediocre bar your friend dragged you to for a birthday party or something. It's pretty much everywhere at this point. I wasn't allowed to drink when I was 5, but I hear that twenty years ago it definitely wasn't that way. I've often mused about what it would be like if you could get good grass-fed meat so easily.

The Myth of Sustainable Meat and James McWilliams

People keep sending me The Myth of Sustainable Meat by James McWilliams. If you've followed this blog long enough you'll know I've blogged about James before. I'm also a regular commenter on his articles on the Atlantic. I've been enough of a nuisance that I've gotten his attention and he's written about me too

Spring Lake Farm + meatshare workshop

 Last weekend I visited my friend Ulla Kjarval and her family's farm Spring Lake Farm (they also have a blog) in Delhi, NY. I met Ulla on Twitter and I've been buying from her farm for my Meatshare meetup group. It was wonderful to get to visit and spend time with them and their wonderful animals.

Jerky Jerks

I started up the paleo meatshare because I wanted to have a meat buying program that was about health. Your health, the animal's health, the health of the land, and health of local communities. I wanted something beyond just jargon and labels.

Because unfortunately those labels and jargon have become meaningless. Buying good meat is hard and sometimes it's nice to think that regulations or labels could make it easier. But instead it just crowds the good food market with suspect products.