Ancestral Health Symposium Talk!

 I usually don't like to watch people speak about stuff. Maybe that's why I almost never went to lectures in college. I prefer to read things. As Data from Star Trek might say, I find it to be the most efficient form of assimilating information. So you can watch my talk on Vimeo thanks to AHS, but if you read much faster (or you are hearing impaired), you can read the transcript below, which was donated by Averbach Transcription, which is run by a paleo enthusiast and you should consider hiring him if you need a transcript:

The Human Colon in Evolution: Part 5, Human Variation

The following presents data that gasp...people might be different and those differences might correspond to ethnic groups/"races." I would note that research in this area is scant because funding is hard to come by since it's so controversial. I know American researchers who have gotten funded for this research though and then have been pressured to suppress their results.

The Human Colon in Evolution: Part 4, The Secrets of Butyrate

 Another hypothesis is that lack of SCFAs is behind such diseases of civilization. A SCFA called butyrate provides some insight into this. Butyrate is the preferred fuel of the colonic epithelial cells and also plays a major role in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation (Wong, de Souza, Kendall, Emam, & D. J. a Jenkins, 2006). Lower than normal levels have been found in patients with several diseases, notably types of colitis and inflammatory bowel disorder. Studies show such diseases can be treated through application of butyrate in the colon.

The Human Colon in Evolution: Part 1, comparative anatomy

 This will be one of the few series posts I'll actually finish since it's already written :) I'd like to thank Stephan Guyenet, Chris Masterjohn, and Professor Holloway for their tips, critiques, and inspiration! I welcome more such educated thoughts in the comments. Full disclosure: yes, I did write this for a class, but I thought some people might enjoy it and then I could also kill two birds with one stone.

Beating IBS

 Mark Sisson posted a link to a sad essay called IBS Is Why I'm Still Single. Every day I'm able to eat and live normally, I am so grateful. You see, most of my life I had painful stomach problems. When I was four I remember crying in the bathroom.

The Gut-Brain-Skin Axis

 When I was a child I was obsessed with several things, but two of them were Motown Oldies and aliens. I also had a bad habit of hearing things rather strangely. A good example would be the song "It's in his kiss" by Betty Everett. For quite some time I thought it was actually "It's in his skin." Since I was also into aliens I kept thinking about would would be in his skin besides baby aliens? I must have seen that scene from Alien when my mother wasn't looking...