My Teeny Tiny Crib: Kitchen and standing desk hacks

Since late last year, I've been working from home. I live in a studio apartment, which is because I prefer having more money for food and travel, rather than more space I have to clean and pay for. Sometimes I wish I had a big place so I could have supper clubs, but I know I'd only use it about once a month anyway.

Either way, I constructed a standing desk out of random laptop stands, which was pretty easy since I'm about five feet tall. If I were taller I would have to adjust the actual IKEA desk, which the manual informs me that I should not attempt alone

Reducing Afternoon Fatigue Without Coffee

 Ever since I quit coffee, I've had some issues with afternoon fatigue. Around 2 I would just feel sleepy. I thought about this a little and concluded that lighting might be the issue. You see my office has standard craporific overhead lighting. Since most programmers have OCD or some other neurosis, they turn it off. I had a crappy desk lamp, but it wasn't very bright.


When I lived in Sweden I was placed in a house with 7 Swedish people. We had one freezer with six shelves and because I was last, I didn't get a shelf and had to negotiate space with people I would charitably describe as antisocial. Yeah. Also, Swedish people seem to like freezing things. Berries, mushrooms, apple sauce, game meat, meatballs, potatoes...all in the freezer. There was no room left. Finally one of the roommates moved out and I claimed my shelf. But the girl who moved in was not going to stand for the injustice of not having any room for her lingonberry harvest.

The Hangover Soup

Yes, it is possible to have too many Norcal Margarita's, as I did at the AMAZING Robb Wolf party last night. It was an awesome group of people and I wish it had been longer so I could have talked to everyone.