Grandma Plays Both Sides

Remember my grandma I intereviewed? Apparently she is playing both sides. See this recent Peoria Star article:

Still, Annette Dyar Sherman of Eureka, 91, says she "just sort of coasted" into becoming a vegetarian eight years ago.


Love trashy clipart.

The King of Sweden is Paleo? Cereal Killer?

According to a tabloid, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden has some rather paleo habits:

Reader Questions: Terrible bread, meetup organizers, ulcers

And now for some reader questions:

Q: Dru from Idaho asks "Is this paleo?" sending along this attached picture:

A: No. You got Dim Sum and got a bunch of bread? Dude, where are the writhing sea creatures drenched in various rich possibly-alcoholic sauces? Do they even have Dim Sum in Idaho anyway?