industrial food

Americans don't eat meat, they eat factory-farmed sugar-covered soybean oil drenched garbage

 I finally finished The End of Overeating. It has some great sections, but overall I had trouble finishing it because of the dry writing style. A lot of the food in the book blamed for overeating is meat.

The Impulsive Buy: Lessons in Hyperpalatibility

 When I was in college I was going to switch into food science. But then I took a bunch of food science classes and did some lab work. And I realized food science wasn't about food, it was about making combinations of absolute garbage taste addictively good. Most of the food science professors I had were former employees of Nabisco or Kraft. I couldn't believe how ignorant they were of nutrition and it showed. But the worst was the "taste lab" I participated in. What finally made me quit was when they were testing "breakfast" bars.