The Animals We Eat: What's really important?

 The Elephant or the Hungry? 

Great blog post by a local farmer. Some of you may have heard about GoDaddy CEO's canned elephant hunt. On one hand the dude is clearly an asshole (with company whose web interface sucks) and elephants are very intelligent. On the other hand this is a single elephant. How many companies have policies that destroy the environment for millions of animals? Where is the outrage for that? 

Blogs that I want to read pretty much every day! The Poststravaganza Continues.

All the sudden a bunch of posts...I swear I have a logical explanation...maybe? I took part of the day off today and did some indoor sunbathing, which some of you know is a euphemism for something my mother would not approve of, but which makes me feel quite awesome. I expect to receive a call from her on this matter as soon as I post this.

Taurine II, Denise interview

Isn't ironic that the very same animal rights vegans who say it's arrogant to view humans as special engage in some very human ignorance of their own? Yes, I'm talking the assertion that the vegan diet can be just as healthy as an omnivorous one. But the truth is that nutrition science is young and there is SO MUCH we don't know. A good example is taurine, a nutrient found only in animal products.

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Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been paying my dues in terms of work, which I haven't blogged about much here. Long story short- I was an Americorps volunteer, which I didn't blog about because they kick you out of the program for expressing political opinions (among other things). Now that I can't get kicked out I can honestly say WTF was I thinking? Living on $1000 a month is tough in NYC (why do you think I was so obsessed with offal?) and being on the government dole is immensely demoralizing.

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Our emotions are still in the stone age- that's why having to have that presentation can strike fear in our hearts more appropriate for sabertooths than Powerpoint.

The UN says meat and dairy won't be able to feed our planet. Locavores say that we need agriculture appropriate for local conditions, not broad strokes. Some great insights and comments at Casaubon's Book.

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