Meatshare: whole animal buying for consumers

 Last night I gave a presentation at the Brooklyn Brainery about how anyone can save money on local pastured meat by buying in bulk, aka, meatshares. You can view it below and we are coming out with a more detailed booklet soon!


Spring Lake Farm + meatshare workshop

 Last weekend I visited my friend Ulla Kjarval and her family's farm Spring Lake Farm (they also have a blog) in Delhi, NY. I met Ulla on Twitter and I've been buying from her farm for my Meatshare meetup group. It was wonderful to get to visit and spend time with them and their wonderful animals.

Things that are happened these days

Yes, many things happen, especially when you are so busy that you can barely keep your head above the water.

- I am organizing a meatshare! With a farmer who follows the paleo diet herself from upstate! You can get more info here! Suffice to say, organizing these things has been a great education in the major difficulties of getting quality food from farm to table. But I'm learning more each day and our meat shares keep getting better.

Mystery Meat

Out of Seattle comes this excellent story about a butcher claiming to sell local organic grassfed meat...but when asked they are unwilling to reveal their sources. Just goes to show that you need to do the research. Apparently marketing genius have realized that food with a story sells...whether the story is true or not.

Farmer's Market Spring

I've been really enjoying the farmer's market lately. Bizarrely enough, some people really want to know what the heck I eat. It's boring to me...but apparently exciting to you? 

Ramping Up Spring Flavors

Joel Salatin is a BADASS

Last night I heard Joel Salatin speak in NYC. I was kind of surprising that he would speak on Easter Sunday. I grew up in Georgia and Easter was a big holiday there, but pretty much everything was open here and lots of people turned out for his lecture.

More Fresh Foods

Surprisingly enough, many people write to me asking what I eat and where I get it. I think it's boring, but I guess it's useful for many people, especially if you live in NYC. I haven't been good at posting the rest of my week, but here are some things I've been eating!