Wise Traditions Recap

I spent this weekend in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania at the Weston A. Price Foundation's Wise Traditions conference with John Durant and Allison Bojarski. I live-Tweeted it, but here is also a list of things I learned:

Plant-animal subsistence ratios

Occasionally people will assert that evolutionary nutrition should involve mostly plants. After all, they read somewhere that the !Kung eat most of their calories from plants. And their nutrition science professor said so. Or some vegan book they read. And it's politically correct, so why not?

Here are some facts

Carboholic vs. Carnivore?


These elders from the Troibriands (Kitava is part of this island chain) are clearly suffering from the effects of yam consumption. (more) Those carbs really catch up to you when you get old, especially since the islanders are only slightly more active than the average westerner.