Troll Files: Ingredients in "paleo" bars

 A week or so ago I got an email advertising a new "paleo" product. I've written several times about various products parasitically riding the "paleo" bandwagon. Most of them suck. 

Beef and Beer: Can we de-commodify grassfed meat?

You know, it's kind of amazing to realize that you can get pretty good craft beer at nearly any convenience store in a city. You can even get it at a random mediocre bar your friend dragged you to for a birthday party or something. It's pretty much everywhere at this point. I wasn't allowed to drink when I was 5, but I hear that twenty years ago it definitely wasn't that way. I've often mused about what it would be like if you could get good grass-fed meat so easily.

Coconut Water Wars

The new Zico coconut water in plastic bottles (yuck) is from concentrate. I like to occasionally get my potassium fix from coconut water, but I think it's too bad that companies are ruining a nice naturally sweet product. It's a testament to America's demented taste buds that nearly every naturally sweet product like juice or coconut water has to be sweetened even more for mass-market appeal.