Science Journalism Meat Fail

 I saw this interesting study on the energetics of cooking meat and tubers on NPR this morning. But I was aghast at the differences between the NPR reporting and the actual study. According to NPR:

Highlander Diet

pictish woman Andrew (of Evolvify) got me looking up ancient Scottish diets. I found this article from 1890.

Meatshare: whole animal buying for consumers

 Last night I gave a presentation at the Brooklyn Brainery about how anyone can save money on local pastured meat by buying in bulk, aka, meatshares. You can view it below and we are coming out with a more detailed booklet soon!


Spring Lake Farm + meatshare workshop

 Last weekend I visited my friend Ulla Kjarval and her family's farm Spring Lake Farm (they also have a blog) in Delhi, NY. I met Ulla on Twitter and I've been buying from her farm for my Meatshare meetup group. It was wonderful to get to visit and spend time with them and their wonderful animals.

When traditions go awry

 Sick Societies is an interesting book, but in many ways it's scattershot. An anecdote out of context doesn't always illuminate whether or not a tradition is the cause of the "sickness," in this case botulism: 

They don't get it

 Today I got a spate of seemingly random animal rights trolls. Fly by night nonsense? Nope, apparently I was featured on the Freakonomics blog. Normally this would be an honor, since I was a fan of Freakonomics when I was an economics major in college, but nope, they let James McWilliams write another animal rights nonsense piece on their blog, one that references a post I made over a year ago. What does that have to do with economics?

Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat

 Last night I made an excellent leg of goat. It's been really really really hot here in NYC (104 yesterday!) so I haven't had much desire to further heat up my apartment by turning on the oven. Thank goodness for crockpots and toaster ovens. I also got to try out my newest toy, a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer. 

Conventional meat is still bad

There are many reasons I became a vegan, but one of the main reasons was that I didn't want to support the industrial meat system, which is cruel to both animals and people, as well as destructive to communities and the environment. I know this point of mine has been controversial before, but I do believe that conventional meat is more unhealthy, not just because of the fatty acids, but because of other feed additives, hormones, antibiotics, and the continual stress animals are subjected to.

Is Ottavia Bourdain VLC/primal?

 Anthony Bourdain is a food celebrity, author of Kitchen Confidential and host of No Reservations.

Are we evolved to gorge on meat?

 In his latest editorial, cookbook author turned food expert (I don't know how), Mark Bittman argues that our instinct to gorge on meat is what is causing people all over the world to eat too much meat.