Why You Should Buy a Goat

 I bought a goat from Glynwood farm last weekend. I didn't make it a meatshare because goats are small enough for my two roommates and me alone. In fact, a whole goat can fit in a normal-size freezer. They are often less than 35 lbs total hanging weight, which ends up being like 25 lbs. I will be writing a guide to whole animal buying soon, but I have been pleasantly surprised with this goat. I buy lambs often and they vary in quality.

Nuts + Nuts and Kings County Jerky

I hate to admit it, but I am not impressed by most farmer's markets. Particularly in NYC where an overwhelming number of them seem to have poor oversight of their vendors. Local is nice and all that, but it's certainly not by first priority and living near a major agricultural state (New Jersey), some of the local produce is pretty much what you can get at the grocery store. If you quiz most "farmers" are the farmer's market you will find most are paid vendors, not farmers, and most don't know jack about their production processes. 

No baked potatoes for ancient Europeans

 Why do humans have such big brains compared to other primates? Anthropologists generally agree that this trend in evolution was spurred by diet. If any of us ate like wild  chimpanzees or gorillas we wouldn't do very well. We lack the colonic power to process fiber into large amounts of short-chain fatty acids and chimp diets just aren't calorically rich enough for our brains. Anthropologists are divided on which foods enabled our large brain size, but there are two popular theories:

How ancient is ambivalence towards meat?

 Katharine Milton: Do you really think ancestral humans went out and said, “We’re going out to get some French fries today”? No, they said, “With any luck, praying to the sun God, or whomever we revere, we’re hoping to get something to eat.” They don’t care what it is—a lizard, an elephant, a bunch of fruit, roots, a bunch of grubs.

Does Eating Nose To Tail Make A Difference?

 Jonathan Safran Foer is an excellent novelist who unfortunately has become the media's go-to guy for meat criticism despite that fact that his credentials on the subject at that he is a vegetarian (or vegan depending on his mood when you ask).

Should there be a Vegan/Omnivore Alliance against Animal Factories?

 Tom Phillpott proposes an omnivore/vegan alliance against animal factories. I think a lot of vegans who believe in animal rights would reject that. And I'm going to be the rare sustainable farming advocate omnivore to reject it. 

First of all...what is an animal factory and what makes them bad? Is is bad management or is all mass production of meat inherently bad? 

Hell is other people's idea of "healthy"

Between moving, work, school, and the very very sad state of my inbox, I haven't had much time to post. 

Meat Book Club: Meat- A Benign Extravagance Part 1

It's interesting to compare Meat : A Benign Extravagance to the Vegetarian Myth. On the surface both challange animal rights dogma, but Meat is primarily a book about economics and is far more rigorous than the Vegetarian Myth. Unfortunately one thing they have in common is that both authors adhere to philosophies that I would deem somewhat noxious to put it lightly, though Fairlie's in a bit benign.