A meat lover's notes

I think some people mistakenly think lamb, deer, and other similar ruminants are leaner than they actually are because many times their fat is discarded. That is a shame. I think you should at least taste an animal's fat before discarding it. Ruminants do tend to convert things to fat less gracefully than pigs do. Lard is nearly always tasty until a pig has been fed something truly horrible. Tallow and other ruminant fats can be a lot more variable.

Good Things Around Town

Tis the season of sanity in the paleorealfoodblogosphere? 

Hormones in beef, a thought

Don at Primal Wisdom recently had a post on hormone levels in beef, which was really about whether or not hormone-treated factory farmed meat is unsafe*, but I was more interested in hormone levels in general.

Bread Vs. Lard

John Durant's latest post on Before & Afters reminded me of this pair of photos:

Eating a bagel

Making lard

Meat Book Club: Meat- A Benign Extravagance

Occasionally I'll encounter a book so dense with interesting info that it's hard to write just one post about it. That's the deal with Simon Fairlie's Meat: A Benign Extravagance. This is an important book and I believe it has the potential to positively influence both culture and policy. For too long anti-meat crusaders have dominated the environmental movement.

The Locavore-Animal Rights Cold War

People often ask me why I'm still so rankled by veganism despite having given it up long ago. Unfortunately it's not veganism that gets me fired up, but more troubling political issues at the animal rights heart of the vegan movement. Not long after I stopped being vegan,  I got involved with agriculture. I saw the makings of a cold war between the locavores and the animal rights groups and became troubled by it. Animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA pull in substantial amounts of donations and therefore exert some political clout.

Live Tweeting from Wise Traditions

FYI I'm at Wise Traditions this weekend and live Tweeting it here! Blog post afterwards!


When I lived in Sweden I was placed in a house with 7 Swedish people. We had one freezer with six shelves and because I was last, I didn't get a shelf and had to negotiate space with people I would charitably describe as antisocial. Yeah. Also, Swedish people seem to like freezing things. Berries, mushrooms, apple sauce, game meat, meatballs, potatoes...all in the freezer. There was no room left. Finally one of the roommates moved out and I claimed my shelf. But the girl who moved in was not going to stand for the injustice of not having any room for her lingonberry harvest.

The Hangover

I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. And the sad part about it was that no alcohol was involved. You see, last night I had BBQ. BBQ is pretty paleo right? I mean it's meat and stuff, so why not?

There will be blood....goose blood

Yesterday I went to another event with Jackson Landers, who taught my hunting class and writes an excellent blog. This time the event was about cooking Canada geese, which have been a subject of much controversy since the USDA randomly decided that the fat and immobile geese in Prospect Park in Brooklyn were taking down more planes than Al Qaeda and unceremioniously kidnapped, gassed, and buried them. It kind of doesn't make sense, but it's also a waste of good meat.