I have been traveling and now have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Quick note here: Takashi is amazing. It's a little Japanese place in the West Village doing Korean-style Japanese Barbeque. Whatever that is, it seems to be a first course of perfectly marinated melt-in-your mouth raw grassfed meat and a second course of barbecued offal. The bad news is it's very hard to get a seat, but it's the most wonderfully paleo place I've been to so far in NYC.

Is all bison grassfed?

A friend asked:

Off the top of your head, do you know if buffalo raising practices are similar to beef?  I ask because I'm unsure if buffalo can be raised with soy/corn feed instead of their natural grass diet.  I also ask because there seems to be no grass-fed label for buffalo.


In autoimmune disorders the immune system attacks the body's own tissues. We recommend that these tissues be removed because clearly they are causing an immune reaction.

Um...what? It seems funny, but that seems to be the reaction of some scientists to Neu5Gc, a sugar that apes, but not humans, synthesize naturally. However, we do ingest it in food, particularly meat and dairy products.

Some humans have an inflammatory immune reaction to it. Does that mean it's bad to eat? Numerous papers on Neu5Gc that I've read seem to suggest so in their discussion sections.

The Meat Eaters

A few people sent me this opinion piece from the NYTimes called The Meat Eaters. It's a very interesting piece and I suggest reading it. It's very much the logical conclusion of based a moral system on pain. Luckily, real-world morality is not based on pain. Morals are the invention of humans and they were created to improve the human condition. They were not created to decrease overall suffering in the world.

Plant-animal subsistence ratios

Occasionally people will assert that evolutionary nutrition should involve mostly plants. After all, they read somewhere that the !Kung eat most of their calories from plants. And their nutrition science professor said so. Or some vegan book they read. And it's politically correct, so why not?

Here are some facts

The Wooly Pigs are COMING!

Lucy in the Sky with Steak

We aren't the only great apes that prize a good steak. It's well-known that chimpanzees and bonobos hunt other animals and consider flesh a great prize. The evidence is that if they were better hunters they would probably eat more meat. At what point in our evolution did meat go from a rare treat to a preocupation?

Let them eat squirrel?


Fit for Life was one of my first diets, too; I was probably 14.

I was raised vegetarian and so was vegetarian at the time, and I don’t lose weight easily so was restricting calories as well as following FFL. I believe the writers of the book were also vegetarian and made some minor encouragements in that direction.

Memo to Locavores: Animal Rights groups are NOT alllies

Let's get this clear: The Humane Society of The United States is an organization devoted to animal rights. Animal rights does not mean being nice to animals, it means eliminating ALL animal use from pets, to pork, to scientific animal testing that saves millions of lives. Unfortunately, many people associate The Humane Society with being nice to kittens rather than outlawing all meat consumption. While I don't agree with everything they post, Humane Watch has done a great job demystifying HSUS's true intentions.