The Invisible Woman

 A couple of days ago, a feminist site posted a quick little rant that used Erwan Le Corre as a segue to talk about how this whole "paleo" trend was promoting some hyper-patriarchal masculine past, comparing it to the modern Republican conservatism.

Lard, it's like, so backwards and stuff

 Maybe because I just moved from NYC to Chicago, I was a little insulted by this little rant the New York Times published on the horrible life of a vegetarian in the Midwest. Of course, she lumps the entire Midwest into her rant, even though it seems the author has only lived in one Midwestern city, which is Kansas City. 

Tribal Wives Kitava

 Sweden is a relatively small country and as such they don't have that many native TV shows. They seem to fill in with some assorted American and British shows. It was there where I was exposed to British-style reality TV and I lost my Anglophilia. Instead of high tea and Jane Austen, there was "five ton mum" and "real life 40 year old virgin!" I guess one of the more interesting shows is Tribal Wives.  The premise of the show is that a British person goes and lives with a tribe.

Vegans: May be unhealthy, but that's not what this paper says

 Vegans: many of them are smug self-satisfied jerks who believe they know everything about economics, nutrition, and environmental science. Even though experts in those fields realize we are just at the tip of the iceburg in our human knowledge. Yes, vegans, particularly on the internet, know their diet is sooo healthy and no one could possibly not do well on it and it saves cute puppies and you are a murderer if you eat bacon blah blah blah.

RANT ALERT: Sexism and Paleo

The Food Revolution?

Reading the fat acceptance bloggers  on Jamie Oliver's new show, is a typical argument of theirs goes like "Food Revolution is awful because it is portraying fat people as unhealthy! Plenty of skinny people are unhealthy too, but they target the fat people for shaming!"

Paleo News

Two exciting tips!

A Marrow Bone Grows in Brooklyn

 An interesting exploration of the growing demand for meat in New York City

New York Times Follow Up


Wow, in really really exciting news, I and the others from the Eating Paleo in NYC group were featured in the New York Times in an article called The New Age Caveman and The City. I am very proud to have been involved in this article and the paleo community in the city.