Gluten-free is so popular because our health care system is a mess

Increasingly I see a lot of articles deriding the “gluten free” fad. I wonder if people writing them have actually talked to people who are gluten-free despite not being diagnosed with celiac disease. I’ve talked to many of them. And almost always, behind their gluten-free diet is a story of the failure of our medical system.

IBS: Bran is bad... when will doctors catch up?

 In the next few months I hope to write a couple of posts on irritable bowel syndrome. It's interesting because so many (including myself) get relief from IBS by following a low-carb low-fiber grain-free fructose-free diet with probiotic supplementation. There are many reasons this works, but in the long term people following it might want to wean away from probiotic dependence, since probiotics in pills cannot become part of the permanant microbiome of most adult guts. In addition, there are real benefits from short chain fatty acids produced in the colon by fermentation.

Babies need their mothers, science confirms this, but medicine lags behind

 Some of my readers might be interested in The Atlantic's debate on "alternative medicine." Reading it, what amused me is that opponents of alternative medicine accuse it of not being "evidence-based." Unfortunately our "normal medicine" isn't really evidence-based either. What doctors and hospitals do often seems more about the status quo than science. That explains why my sister (a biologist) and I are not exactly our doctor's favorite patients.

Wild Life, Wild Food in Sweden

 I looked in the mirror with dismay. Right on my left eyeball was a blood vessel that had swelled to the size of a small red lightening blot. I knew I had been spending too much time on the computer, working on server migrations and slogging though the process of learning PhP. The effects were written all over my poor eye.