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 I just moved to Chicago recently and have been settling into my new job and new apartment (in Lincoln Park), so that's the cause of most of the silence recently. In the meantime, I've been enjoying some music. I'm a huge fan of a type of music called joiking, which is a traditional Sami style of singing that is mainly wordless chants. I mentioned Torgeir Vassvik in another post, who has a traditional album and a jazz-fusion (very popular in that region) album. Here are two joik bands I've been listening to.

A music post: music from the arctic, Norway, Australia, Scotland, and Finland

I suppose I haven't posted any music lately. I've been listening to a lot of stuff though, here are some things on repeat:

Paleo Survey and Music I'm Listening To

 Have you taken the paleo community survey? If not, you should take it since some folks worked pretty hard to put it together and will probably post some interesting data in the future. 

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about paleo diet community members, including demographic information, medical conditions, dietary preferences, and physical activity.

Indigenous Diets at Terra Madre

Reader Matthew sent me this radio piece about Slow Food's Terra Madre convention. It features some cultures I am very interested. One is the Scottish Crofters and bonus points for mentioning the Highland Clearances, which forced many crofters from their home, often cruelly. One of those people was Jemima Campbell, one of my ancestors.

The Hipster Diet

Whenever I get off the train at Bedford Ave., I feel like I'm in Stockholm again. Everyone is super-skinny and wearing the latest fashions. I go into a hip clothing boutique and can only fit into a size medium, when normally I wear an XS petite. Where am I? The domain of the hipsters in Williamsburg.

Fur and Shiver

When I was 15 I moved from Georgia to Illinois. My father had gotten a job transfer. He promised that when we moved I could have a horse. I dreamed of snow, something so precious in the South that even the sight of flurries would render Marietta immobile. I would bully the girls next door and my sister not to disturb that light blankets that sometimes fell, but before noon they would have melted into the dull beige lawns. Once there was even a blizzard and everything shut down for days.

The King of Sweden is Paleo? Cereal Killer?

According to a tabloid, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden has some rather paleo habits:


Maybe it's Avatar, but there sure are a lot of music videos with hunter-gatherer imagery

Kom säger dom

So far I'm waiting for tests to come back. It's been crappy. So far some candidates include lyme disease and genetic hypotension. Some books I have been reading lately include:

Wild Health: Great read, a good exoneration of plants, which kind of get bashed a lot in the paleo world